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      Western Civilization has created a myth that addiction is an "Illness" and that the addict is some kind of victim. I actually heard an addict explain his state of drunkenness by explaining that he was "overserved". Absolutely amazing!
     There are expensive options for treatment for any addiction but the rate of improvement is very low for most of them.
     For a novel, effective and inexpensive treatment for every addiction ...click on the button on the bottom of the page and read about a treatment that I have used successfully for 15 years.

An exciting breakthrough for everyone who is caught in a cycle of addictive, self-destructive behavIor.
"The Voice Inside My Head" describes a treatment that aims at the root cause of addiction - and many other self-destructive behaviors.
Learn how to deal with: 
 * Substance Addiction     * Internet Addiction     * Gambling    * Pornography     * Sexual Addiction     * Depression     * Anxiety

and much more!
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